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    Moving Discovery Forward

    University of Houston researchers and inventors are transforming ideas into innovations. Our innovators are developing new technologies that span across the delivery of healthcare to harnessing our natural resources. We are also thought leaders around the creation of art and designing programs that support our diverse Houston community.

    Research at A Glance

    • 1,072Ranked Faculty
    • $118MSponsored Funding
    • $177MResearch Expenditures
    • 15National Academy of Engineering Members
    • 4National Academy of Science Members
    • 1Nobel Laureates
    • 60Total Winners of NSF CAREER Awards (since ’96)

    Undergraduate Research

    UH’s undergraduate students hone their skills through a multitude of opportunities to conduct faculty-mentored research projects. These experiences enhance students’ abilities to sharpen their leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills that will fuel their success in organizations, institutions and communities after graduation.

    Researcher in Lab

    Graduate Research

    The UH Graduate School cultivates and fortifies academic excellence in graduate and professional education. A Carnegie-designated Tier One Research University, UH offers master’s degrees in 133 fields and doctoral degrees in 62 fields. With more than $150 million in research expenditures in fiscal year 2015, UH delivers more than 6,000 graduate students valuable opportunities to research under esteemed scholars, who are invested in basic research, knowledge sharing and transferring research into real-life applications and technologies.

    National Research Centers

    UH leads five nationally-funded centers, comprising numerous collaborations with partner institutions and industry. Sponsored by nearly $20 million in funding, these centers pioneer groundbreaking research in the areas of energy, materials, psychology, laser mapping and 500彩票下载app二维码land security.

    University Centers

    University Centers

    UH also has five highly-visible university-supported centers and numerous core research facilities, many of which are available to outside researchers and the UH research community.

     *Provisional university center

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    UH’s rapid investment in its innovation ecosystem is strategically significant for entrepreneurial faculty, students and alumni interested in guiding new discoveries into the market place or establishing partnerships to launch new companies. In fact, UH earned the designation as an Innovation and Economic Prosperity University by the APLU.

    UH ranks #1 in the nation among all public universities without medical schools in royalties from technology transfers. With more than $22 million a year in royalties, UH has seen a 400% increase in patent income since 2010.

    • $43MRoyalty Earnings (FY2018)
    • 32U.S. Patents (FY2018)
    • 70Invention Disclosures (FY2018)
    • 14National Academy of Inventors Members

    The UH Technology Bridge and Bauer College of Business provide integrated facilities and programs focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, all which synthesize new concepts from ideas though invention.

    • UH Innovation Center & Labs

      UH Innovation Center & Labs

      UH's Innovation Center and Labs offer opportunities for fast-moving startups interested in connecting to entrepreneurial resources or moving technologies to the next level.

    • NSF I-Corps

      NSF I-Corps

      Through UH's National Science Foundation I-Corps program, UH shepherds new technologies to commercial development.

    • Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

      Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

      WCE is an excellent source of entrepreneurially-minded students who create and participate in startup companies based on UH technologies.

    • RedLabs


      RED Labs is UH’s startup accelerator and tech co-working space designed to help companies make a rapid start.

    • 3 Day Startup

      3 Day Startup

      3 Day Startup is a three-day intense workshop where students can accelerate their ideas into companies.

    • Small Business Development Center

      Small Business Development Center

      The UH Small Business Development Center is a great on-campus resource for startups or more established companies.

    Division of Research

    Division of Research

    UH’s Division of Research bolsters its growing research enterprise from the development of large-scale multidisciplinary research efforts through the patenting and licensing of technologies. The Division’s robust sponsored research and compliance endeavors are designed to shepherd all levels of researchers — faculty, staff or students, sponsored or non-sponsored — through efficient and ethical research protocols.

    The Big Idea

    Scratching you500彩票下载app二维码r head about research issues? The Big Idea is a blog about the business of research published by the Division of Research at the University of Houston. It covers an array of topics: from compliance and safety issues to startups and innovation. It was envisioned as a forum for showcasing best practices, addressing timely issues and collecting expert opinions from the many fields of research administration.

    Learn More


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