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    Pursue Your Interests and Discover Greatness

    The University of Houston has an outstanding reputation for student success, teaching, research and innovation. Rigorous coursework, hands-on opportunities, leadership positions, and global experiences prepare students for the world. UH has dedicated, award-winning faculty members committed to helping students pursue their path of learning. Programs of study include undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, online and continuing education classes.

    With nationally ranked education programs, cutting-edge research centers, world-class libraries and state-of-the-art facilities, Cougars have the learning resources they need to excel.


    At the University of Houston we pride ourselves on diversity and excellence across all disciplines. Our campus features internationally recognized faculty in 16 academic colleges and schools and an interdisciplinary Honors College.

    Graduate & Professional Education

    Working alongside dedicated scholars and first-class, award-winning educators, UH graduate students prepare for dynamic careers and discover innovative solutions to society’s toughest challenges. We offer Masters, Doctoral and PhD degrees in our graduate programs. Further you500彩票下载app二维码r education through our Graduate School.

    • Master's Degree

      Master’s Degree Programs

      From accounting to world cultures, the University of Houston offers a wide variety of programs leading to the master’s degree.

    • Doctoral Degree

      Doctoral Degree Programs

      The University of Houston offers a wide array of programs leading to the doctoral degree.

    • Certificate

      Certificate Programs

      Looking to enhance you500彩票下载app二维码r professional credentials? Consider one of our excellent graduate-level certificate programs.

    • Dual-Degrees

      Dual-Degree Programs

      A dual degree program allows academically outstanding students to similtaneously pursue two separate degree programs, often saving time and money.

    The Honors College

    The Honors College

    As an intellectually stimulating learning community and a vibrant, leading presence within the University, the Honors College attracts talented and motivated students and educators to a collegial environment where tradition is honored and possibilities realized.

    Online & Special Programs

    • 24Fully Online Graduate Programs
    • 631Online Courses
    • #19Ranked Online Graduate Education Programs

    The University of Houston offers a wide variety of exceptional educational opportunities. Students can complete nationally ranked degrees via online while experiencing the same rigorous standards as traditional programs with the flexibility to complete them outside of traditional hours. Our qualified instructors provide students with the education and skills needed to continue on to the next chapter of their lives. We also deliver innovative education through certificate courses, workshops, conferences, online courses and custom-designed corporate training. Whether you500彩票下载app二维码 are considering graduate school, making a career change or wanting to move up the corporate ladder, we have a course that’s built for you500彩票下载app二维码.

    Student Success

    UH is committed to student success — our programs support first generation, transfer, and traditional college students. We empower you500彩票下载app二维码 from the moment you500彩票下载app二维码 are accepted to graduate in four years and stay connected to the history and traditions of the University. Begin with Cub Camp, where you500彩票下载app二维码 develop strong bonds with classmates, learn the rich history of UH and begin you500彩票下载app二维码r experience with confidence. Enroll in UH in 4 — by graduating in 4 years, families save time and money because students can enter the workforce or begin graduate studies as quickly as possible. And take advantege of our undergraduate success programs.

    • Cub Camp

      Cub Camp

      Cub Camp creates a fun, laid-back environment where you500彩票下载app二维码 will actively participate over a three-day stay developing strong academic and leadership skills making the transition to college life more comfortable.

    • Provost Summer Read

      Provost Summer Read

      The Provost Summer Read Program is built around a common book that is read by all first year students. You’ll engage with faculty early and develop a sense of community with you500彩票下载app二维码r peers.

    • UH in 4

      UH in 4

      The UH in 4 program is a partnership between the University and students to support graduation within four years. The program provides a comprehensive plan to help students navigate their four-year college experience.

    • Undergraduate Student Success Center

      Undergraduate Student Success Center

      The Undergraduate Student Success Center helps transition students to a good fit major, offers tutoring and learning skills workshops, pre-professional and career advising, and supports first-generation and transfer college students.

    UH Libraries


    The University of Houston Libraries advances student success, knowledge creation and preservation, and globally competitive research. The Libraries system comprises the MD Anderson Library (the main campus library), the William R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library, the Weston A. Pettey Optometry Library and the Music Library, providing access to over 3.2 million volumes.

    Resources and services offered at the library include the following:

    • Study Areas

      MD Anderson Library offers offers over 117,000 square feet of space designed for productivity, creativity and collaboration.

    • Academic Research Center

      A computing facility focused on research and study needs.

    • Learning Commons

      Provides tools for high-end multimedia and collaborative projects and is 500彩票下载app二维码 to the Hamill Foundation Multimedia Studio and instructor-led technology training in a variety of topics

    • UH Digital Library

      An online space for the discovery of eclectic digital resources.

    • Special Collections

      Preserves and provides access to rare and unique materials.

    Academic Affairs

    Academic Affairs

    The Office of the Provost houses the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost responsible for student access and success. The Office of the Provost initiates and oversees a broad range of programs which benefit students throughout the University of Houston and the community, including undergraduate, graduate, continuing and distance education programs, as well as all academic programs and policies.

    Light sculpture at M.D. Anderson's library at University of Houston

    “I wanted to choose text that would pique the interest of the people who view it. The issues that are discussed within the text have to do with relationships, and I feel many students can relate to that. I also hope students will interact with each other when translating some of the languages they are unfamiliar with.” ~Jim Sanborn


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